Preparedness Tips for the Office and Commute

If you’re in a major city and your office is on lock down because of an active shooter in the area, or if you’re heading home, but getting home is no longer an option, then having a bag in your car to get you home on foot or being able to survive in your car until you can move forward is a must-have plan.  In both circumstances, you may want to consider doing what you can to be prepared now.

As National Preparedness Month comes to a close, we are sharing a list of basic items to have on hand at work and in your vehicle from our Preparedness Expert, Grace.


At Work

Have several on hand in case you are not able to leave your office.

In Your Car

Because of extreme heat here in our part of the country, I recommend having a container you can fill should you need water, and a portable water filtration system on hand so if you end up being on foot, you can take your container and filter with you.  (I always grab a bottle of water, or have a fillable receptacle on hand in my car with me that is convenient to grab and go.)

Ready to Eat Food

At Work

Power bars, granola bars, nuts, raisins; remember this is a short term inconvenience, not a long term situation.  I put my “snacks” in sealable containers in my desk because I don’t want bugs and other stuff getting into it before I have to!

Office Prep Kit Essentials
Office Prep Kit Essentials

In Your Car

Again because of heat, you will want to pack accordingly, but crackers and granola bars are good staples.  Think of things that won’t spoil sitting in a hot car.

First Aid Kit

At Work

I have a box of band aides and some Neosporin in my desk.

In Your Car

Buy a small $15-$20 kit at your local grocery store or pharmacy, and, again, you need to keep in mind extreme temperature changes when collecting items for your car kit.  (I change mine out about every 6 months, or sooner.  I also try to put it under a seat where it’s not in direct sunlight.)

Hygiene Kit

At the Office

You might need to freshen up, or maybe you forgot to put deodorant on after your morning shower, or maybe you end up having to stay at your office because of a lock down.  In any case, being comfortable is always less stressful.  If you’re looking for a quick solution here, Flying Circle’s prefilled ditty bags are fabulous to have on hand!

Flying Circle's Pre-Packed Ditty Bag
Flying Circle’s Pre-Packed Ditty Bag

In Your Car

It’s always good to have a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, and toiletries on hand.  Think about if your car breaks down as you’re leaving work and you have to walk – no one wants to walk in dress shoes!  Buy an extra pair of tennis shoes and keep them in your car; your feet will thank you!


I have a friend who teaches self-defense and gun safety classes.  He advises a high lumen pocket flashlight.  Not only can it help you find your way if it’s dark, but it can also help you in close contact self-defense situations by shining the light in your assailant’s eyes and blinding them, giving you the opportunity to run away.

The world as we know it is becoming more and more uncertain.  While there are certain things that are not in our control, we can control how we react and how prepared we are to face them.

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