Gear Up for Summer

While it may still be officially spring, the season of summer has begun. Here in Texas, we’ve been busy trying to stay afloat with heavy rain and flooding, but as we wait for the deluge to settle, we’re planning our summer getaways and thought it would be a perfect time to share some of our favorite camping gear with you.

Here is what Flying Circle’s president, Jimmy, packs on his camping trips.

Flying Circle Multi-Mission Pack and Camping Gear
Flying Circle Multi-Mission Pack and Camping Gear

Originally designed for the Army, our Multi-Mission Backpack is the perfect go-to pack for a multitude of recreational activities, and is Jimmy’s bag of choice for hiking and camping trips. It is one of our largest packs and capable of carrying all this gear – and then some. MOLLE straps on the front, sides, and bottom allow for additional packs to be attached for even more space. A rolled sleeping bag can be tied to the bottom of the backpack, and there’s room to pack a rolled self-inflating sleeping pad along with a lightweight portable camping chair in the main backpack compartment or strapped to the sides with cinch straps.

Jimmy likes to pack smaller items, like snacks and his trusty spork, in our Sustainment and Utility Pouches, along with a small gas-powered portable stove for cooking up some range Ramen.

All these packs are made with super durable Cordura® fabric, which means your kids’ kids’ kids will probably be using these same bags for years to come.

There’s also plenty of room to carry water bottles attached on the sides, and even with all the gear already mentioned, there is still room inside for a full canteen.

What about the tent? Don’t worry, there’s room for that, too.

Tactical iPad® Cover
Tactical iPad® Cover

And, after a long, hard day of hiking up Guadalupe Peak (the Mt Everest of Texas!), enjoying the great outdoors, and setting up camp, it’s nice to kick back with…a little Django Unchained. If you’re not totally off grid, the Tactical iPad® Cover also makes the perfect outdoor entertainment center!

So, are you ready to camp out yet? Tell us about your favorite camping gear!

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