101 Uses for a Ditty Bag – Tools, Hardware, & Ammo

Army Rangers and new recruits have used Flying Circle’s ditty bags for decades. We’ve seen these versatile bags used as everything from shave kits to map cases. We love putting them to good use here at the office, too.

Our Commander in Chief, Jimmy, shares a few ways he utilizes his ditty bags.

Flying Circle Ditty Bag with Hardware
Tool Kit

With 5 pockets in various sizes, the ditty bag is an excellent storage bag for tools and all kinds of hardware like screws, nails, drill bits, nuts, and bolts…you know, everything you need to do home repairs or fix that drone that accidentally flew into the neighbor’s house. Organize by size, type, or if you don’t have time for that, just throw everything in wherever it fits! The clear vinyl pockets make finding even the smallest items pretty darn easy.

Flying Circle Ditty Bag with Ammo
Ammo Storage

The ditty bag makes a great bullet bag! We can’t go as far to say it’s conceal carry approved, but you can organize your ammo by caliber and hit the range or the deer stand. In which case, we suggest you bring an extra one stuffed with snacks. Yum.

So, how do you use your ditty bag? Share your ideas below or send us some pictures, and we’ll feature them in a future 101 Uses for a Ditty Bag post!

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